“ Once upon a time there was a girl who turned her passion for animals and her career as a rider into the basis to create the best technical products for horse riding”.



Our company was founded to create technical products for horse riding through innovation of materials in order to come up with the topmost features for horse and rider.


Cal Rei works day to day on the development of new materials and pioneering products in order to stay at the forefront of the horse riding market.


Our brand believes in quality and focuses unconditionally on the welfare and well-being of the animal, with its comfort being our aim. Thanks to this, we keep a close eye on the process from start to finish. For us, passion and innovation are the core values of our work.


Cal Rei is a young enterprising company dedicated to the research, manufacture and sale of technical textile products for horse riding.

Based on the experience of a great horsewoman and founder of the company, together with a family tradition of over 50 years in the textile sector, the ideal foundation was set to develop the company’s ethos, how it is run and the high quality of its materials, production and results, taken care of to the smallest detail.

Because of this, with the support and collaboration of a fantastic team of professionals, veterinarians, trainers and international riders, product lines with standout features have been created. They are constantly renewed and updated following market trends and new developments thanks to research and dedication on a day to day basis.

Cal Rei designs each product with upmost precision and care, seeking perfection and greater functionality for the horse. We also adapt to the needs of our customers, creating “the ideal equipment for your horse” in a personalized way.


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