“We make our products down to the final detail. From the highest quality fabrics to the innovation of materials and shapes that directly affect the final result of the product, it all becomes a true experience for both horse and rider.”

The essence of quality in Cal Rei products comes from research and development carried out during the many years working in the sector and constant innovation in adapting to new trends and techniques.


The search for the highest quality fabrics with standout features which enable us to develop new textile products makes all the difference in the finish and final result of the product.


The technical fabrics, made exclusively for Cal Rei, are hand-made creating ergonomically shaped products for greater comfort. They are 100% adaptable to the body, thermoregulators and allow a constant air and liquid flow.


The search for new materials enables us to offer features designed exclusively for the comfort of the animal by reducing sweat, unpleasant odors, scratches and sensitivity thanks to the spring effect created which, at the same time, reduces pressure. All products have been developed to be anti-mite and anti-pressure sore and are easy to clean and maintain.


Cal Rei’s design and in-house manufacturing translates into a wide range of unique and distinctive products on the market, placing them and the brand itself at the forefront of the sector.